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The Crown of Gilded Bones – A Heart Wrenching and Amazing Addition to the From Blood and Ash Series


Rating: 5 out of 5.

🌸 Title: The Crown of Gilded Bones (Book 3 of FBAA)
🌸Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout 
🌸Release Date: April 20th, 2021
🌸Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
🌸 A non-major spoilers review.
🌸 Read my review for From Blood and Ash here.

“You are the foundation that helps me stand. You are my walls and my roof. My shelter. You are my home.

-Jennifer L. Armentrout, The Crown of Gilded Bones

The Crown of Gilded Bones continues off from where A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire ended—Poppy after being attacked, the crown at her feet. Poppy just wanted to go to Atlantia with Casteel, her heartmate, but fate has other plans. A long-forgotten organization will stop at nothing to ensure she never reaches the throne, and the Queen of Blood and Ash has her own plans. Poppy will have to discover what she truly is and find out how far she is willing to go to protect the ones she loves.

First, thank you to Social Butterfly PR and Jennifer L. Armentrout for this ARC of The Crown of Gilded Bones in exchange for an honest review.

Holy s***. Hold onto your daggers ladies and gentlemen. Because this book has so. Much. Happening. In a good way.

If a review could just be me screaming, it would be, but since you guys probably want a cohesive one, I guess I can make it happen.

The plot kicks off from the end of AKOFAF and we’re shoved straight into the action. The crown is at her feet, the wolven are on her side, and everything is in turmoil.

Like y’all, JLA did not come to play. We don’t get a break until around 20-30% in, and even then the spice kicks up to really keep things interesting.

Everything continues to stay interesting until the very end—and that ending, y’all. You’re not ready.

Poppy and Casteel’s relationship is at its peak.

These two are peas in a pod at this point. Willa. Strawberries. Casteel ripping out the spine of a man for her. *swoon*

SO. MUCH. LOVE HERE. Casteel doesn’t care that she can take his parent’s crowns—he just wants her to be happy. He’d die for her rather than let her be unhappy.

The spice really kicks up in TCOGB.

Again. Willa, foursomes (?!), moments on the beach, and MORE? What more could you ask for. Seriously, it just makes you want to beg for even more.

TCOGB focuses more on Poppy this time rather than her relationship with Casteel—and that’s okay.

It’s okay because we already know they’re endgame, and now Poppy has to find out what she really is based on the ending from AKOFAF. We follow her as she goes to new lands to discover this, and when she does, oh boy. Watch out, y’all.

We have our old characters, but also some new ones that we’ve been looking forward to meeting for a while.

Finally, we meet some of our long-awaited characters. But not without their own consequences. Meeting them was a punch in the gut—good and bad. You’ll just have to read it to find out.

The ending sets up the world for ASITE (A Shadow in the Ember).

It may have made me want to throw my Kindle since it was another cliffhanger, but I was expecting it because JLA is now notorious for cliffhanger endings. *sigh*

For ASITE, we will need this background from this book in order to continue and I am so down to learn more about the beings and realms of the FBAA world.

I really have no other words. Get this book. Read this series.
PoppyxCasteelxKieran forever.
Poppy is a badass.
Seriously, if you haven’t read this series, I urge you to do so.

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