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Frenzy – A vampire series that left me more confused than intrigued

Frenzy (The Frenzy Series Book 1)

Rating: 1 out of 5.

🌸 Title: Frenzy (Books 1 & 2 but DNF’ed at 30%)
🌸Author: Casey L. Bond
🌸Published: February 9th, 2016
🌸Genre: Paranormal, Horror, Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance
🌸Preview: A tiny town doesn’t know everyone else’s business and nothing is ever explained.
🌸A no major spoilers review.
🌸Disclaimer: I was given this book for free from a giveaway, so I felt obligated to read it.

Frenzy is based on this colony that separates itself from a disease, and the nightwalkers (vampires) protect them. The vampires protect the humans who go hunting for food in exchange for blood. And Porschia, our main character, has to go through the rotation.

If I’m being completely honest, Frenzy was just…boring. It did not hold my attention in the least, especially since nothing really makes sense.

Like, how does this tiny colony not know everyone’s business? In my tiny town of 3,000 I grew up in, everyone for sure knew my business. In this 200-people colony, they would for sure know everything.

Why wouldn’t everyone have some basic understanding of how to survive when they’re children so that they would have a better chance of bringing back food later on in their lives?

I just have so many questions that deserved an explanation, no matter how small, that I just never got. Maybe they would have been answered in the future Frenzy books, and maybe they would always flow through the abyss of my mind, unanswered. I will never know.

On top of this, everything moved weirdly fast. This vampire becomes obsessed with her immediately and with no explanation. I detest books like this—books that force a love interest or relationships.

We need foreplay, authors! We need interaction between these characters! Instead, we got…little to nothing, honestly.

Instead, we got…Porschia and her merry gang of men. They were very flat without much depth. Frenzy was the epitome of the trope “everyone loves the main character even though a brick wall has more personality.”

Moving onto the writing style, everything just sort of…flip-flops over and over. Feelings about topics change within minutes without transitions.

The writing style degraded along with my sanity, too. In the beginning, the sentences were coherent and well-written, which was why I didn’t put down the book in the first place.

But as the story went on, the writing became very basic. It was a. Lot. Of. This. The whole time. And it drove me absolutely insane. More insane than the people with the disease in Frenzy.

Which is why I finally had to say “enough” and put the series down.

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