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In One More Step, I read A Meet Cute and Other Natural Disasters by Emma Scott and Saint by Colleen Hoover.

I tend not to like short stories, so I limited myself to these two and I was not disappointed.

Book: One More Step by Colleen Hoover (with twenty-four other authors)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars on Goodreads.

One More Step Quote
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“ONE MORE STEP would mean certain death” was given to each of the writers to start off their stories.

It’s a sentence that forces the authors to add a bit of over-exaggeration to their beginnings, but I think they did well using them.

A Meet Cute and Other Natural Disasters shows the story of Asher and Faith.

I believe this is a side story from one of Emma Scott’s full book, Someday, Someday, but I haven’t read it. Regardless, this short story was a cute introduction of these characters.

Asher, or Ash, worked in New York on Wall Street and realized he needed out and moved to the island and is now a firefighter.

Faith leaves her busy life in Seattle to find some peace, but instead falls while walking to a waterfall and meets Ash.

“I wasn’t used to having a man look at me with his heart and soul naked and alight in his eyes. My pulse kicked up a notch every time he did it.”

A Meet Cute and Other Natural Disasters by Emma Scott in One More Step

It’s cheesy but heartfelt, and as they spend time together, we see an adorable romance like no other unfold.

Saint shows the story of Megan, a writer staying at her cabin while she tries to find inspiration for her story.

Megan is trying to write a love triangle where a hot cop interrupts the main character’s marriage with his, well, hotness. But she’s having trouble with it since she’s never truly experienced it.

“But as the saying goes, ‘Write what you know.’ I do question whether I could describe emotions and reactions better if I had lived through the things I was writing about. I think every writer questions that part of themselves.”

Saint by Colleen Hoover in One More Step

And boy, does she get the real thing… Kind of. A cop named Saint shows up on her doorstep later, telling her there was an attempted suicide near her house.

He’s hot, and she finds it a bit ironic that a hot cop just happens to show up. So do I.

Interested, she invites him over the next day to ask him some questions. Instead, he gives her the real thing. Her writing soars because she’s now experiencing the real thing.

There’s a real twist at the end that I won’t spoil, but it really sent me for a loop. I absolutely loved it, I just wish it wasn’t a short story.

A Meet Cute and Other Natural Disasters was heartfelt, cheesy, but just cheesy enough. Saint was an absolutely thrilling tale, but could have benefited being longer and fleshed out. 4/5⭐️

One More Step is a wonderful anthology and included donated works for charity, hosted by the Bookworm Box.

If you see authors here that you’re interested, this is a perfect time for you to scope them out. See if you enjoy their writing styles. Find something new!

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